Barb Genge of Tuckamore Country Inn has established award-winning programmes which are based from her luxurious Scandinavian style lodges.

Travel Canada

This is another wonderful place to come and enjoy the majesty of the Canadian outdoors. Situated towards the tip of Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula. Tuckamore Lodge serves up wilderness, nature and rugged adventure on the friendliest of places.

Greenwood Guide

As soon as we got out into the bay, the whales appeared,jumping madly around the boats as if they'd never seen a tourist before. We have never seen anything like the whales and icebergs.

Chicago Tribune

Tuckamore Lodge has it all. We saw whales and seabirds galore, walked in enchanting forests, identified many interesting plants and dodged the numerous moose. We left feeling like we were an extension of your family. Being treated so well by everyone - from the "boss", to the kitchen staff and guides - was special. And lastly, your dining experience is something to be so proud of. If it rained or snowed, a guest would be very happy to stay inside your lodge just enjoying the food and service.

Bruce & Susan

Thank you for making our stay at the lodge such an enjoyable one. Please pass on our thanks to all the people who worked so hard to ensure that everything we could have asked for was there for us to enjoy.

Charles & Lorna

We all had a terrific time and we're still talking about the salmon and corn chowder that we had at supper time. My favourite still is the chocolate macaroon pie. Delicious. If you share recipes, do let me know! Tuckamore is such a lovely place. Thanks again for your gracious hospitality. You're a splendid host!


In all of our travelling in Canada and the United States, we can honestly say that you have the best of everything. Your hospitality and accommodations are second to none. We are looking forward to a longer stay with you at a later date.

Phyllis Pomeroy & Shirley Oldford

My dad and I made our second moose hunting trip to Tuckamore Lodge. The hospitality that Barb and her staff gave us was first class. Thank you Tom for another great hunt!

Richard - Connecticut

This summer I went to the Tuckamore Lodge. I have to say that the real comforting hospitality that Barb and the other staff provided is beyond excellent. Barb has many unique selling points and variety in her packages. As a tourism marketer, I admire that.


You have a great website as well as great hunting and fishing adventures. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with you and look forward to returning.

Brian - New York

Thank you for a great hunt. The accommodations were superb and the staff is first rate! The cooks - WOW! Great food! The guides are all great guys and they work very hard to make sure you see game animals

Shawn - Pennsylvania

I have never expected such a great comfort. The service from you and your personnel was excellent. Fishing, whale safari, the seafood was all a fantastic surprise that we will never forget! Barb, you almost became like a mother to us!

Berit - Norway

My woodland caribou hunt out of Tuckamore Lodge, was hunting the way it's supposed to be. Real and authentic. Glassing and stalking, we studied the movements of bulls and calves. We watched the weather and its impact on animal behavior. We saw no other hunters and virtually no evidence that these herds of caribou had ever been hunted. We took our time and found our bull and crept close enough for a crisp, clean kill. Barren ground caribou will come to you. Woodland caribou, you have to hunt - and there's no better place to hunt them than from Tuckamore Lodge.

John Ross - Contributing Editor Sports Afield

The most memorable aspect of the lodge was you and your staff. The food was out of this world, particularly the cod fondue. And the staff so attentive without being intrusive. We had a lovely time in Newfoundland and I wanted to thank you for it.

Andre, Sharon & Sophie Blom

Thank you again for the fantastic stay we had at your place. The place is quiet, clean and so beautiful. This is one of the best souvenirs we have from our trip in beautiful Newfoundland.

Jacques - Montreal

Barb, you and staff have made possible the best hunts that I have ever been on. Words alone cannot possibly describe the incredible experience that you provide to anyone that has hunted with Tuckamore Lodge. Thank you!

Roy - Connecticut

Dropped in for a visit while on a six day snowmobile trip. We were so impressed we have booked our next years trip to spend entire time operating out of the Tuckamore. Can't wait for next March.

Chick - Newfoundland

This year was my third time at Tuckamore Lodge. Once again, Barb and her staff provided me with a world class moose hunt. Everything about the lodge and its staff are first class. I wouldn't think of hunting anywhere else in Newfoundland.

Roy - Massachusetts