Fishing - Atlantic salmon, speckled trout, and arctic char are just a few of the species on offer for the fisherman in Main Brook, Newfoundland.

Guests at Tuckamore Lodge have the opportunity to put their angling skills to the test while they cast a line for Atlantic salmon, the king of sportsfish. With about ten to twelve thousand young Atlantic salmon returning to our rivers every year, Tuckamore Lodge will deliver many catches each day.

With the salmon fishing season running from the late days of June to the early days of September, there is plenty of time for Tuckamore's guests to score their big catch of the summer.

Our Atlantic salmon weigh on average six to ten pounds but there have been more and more salmon caught each year. Along with Atlantic salmon, guests at Tuckamore Lodge have the opportunity to go fishing for Brook Trout and Arctic Char. Take your whole family down to our salmon rivers and have a shot at catching the mighty Atlantic salmon!