Iceberg Watching - One of the best places in the world for tourists to see the massive icebergs.

Iceberg Alley is an area of coastline which runs the length of the Labrador Coast across to the Newfoundland northern coasts.

Large chunks of ancient ice break off the Greenland Glaciers into the Atlantic Ocean and begin a 2 to 3 year journey. First heading north into Baffin Bay, they eventually make their way down the Labrador Coast from Davis Strait on the cold Labrador Currents. Some make it beyond St John's in Newfoundland but once they reach the warm currents of the Gulf Stream they melt quickly and soon disappear. Some icebergs are beached in relatively shallow bays or diverted into the Gulf of St Lawrence where their massive journey is ended.

A number of tours are available from the Northern Peninsula to see the icebergs of Iceberg Alley. The staff of Tuckamore Lodge are only too happy to provide information about the tours and make any necessary arrangements. The best time to see the icebergs from the Northern Peninsula is between May and mid July.