Message from Owner, Barb Genge

Owner & Operator of Tuckamore Lodge, Barb GengeWelcome to Tuckamore Lodge situated in the coastal community of Main Brook near St. Anthony along the Viking Trail in Newfoundland. Charming lodge holiday accommodations in the heart of the Great Northern Peninsula.

We are pleased to offer you luxury first-class, Scandinavian style accommodations in the heart of the Newfoundland wilderness, coupled with some of the highest quality outdoor experiences in Atlantic Canada.

Tuckamore Lodge is situated on the banks of Tuckamore Pond, fringed by a spruce forest which is home to a variety of animals both large and small. From the extensive decks of Tuckamore Lodge, enjoy the morning song of birds, the frantic activity of squirrels, and maybe observe a moose or two grazing on the fresh green grass.

Tuckamore Lodge is your holiday accommodation at the heart of where nature, history and culture connect, it’s your home away from home. We take pride in introducing you to our region….historic fishing villages, world-famous cultural attractions and many natural wonders. Our coastal waters are home to numerous species of whales, an annual parade of 10,000-year-old icebergs and millions of seabirds. Our area is renowned for its abundant populations of moose, caribou and black bear, as well as rivers that teem with Atlantic Salmon and trout.

Main Brook is a hub for exploring the heritage trails this area has to offer including the famous Viking Trail which is the largest themed highway in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Grenfell Trail follows the footsteps of Sir Wilfred Grenfell, a medical doctor who had a major impact on the people of Northern Newfoundland, and Labrador. The French Shore connects several coastal communities through the intriquing history of the European fishing crews who braved the North Atlantic waters each spring, to harvest the plentiful cod here.

The Tuckamore Lodge staff and I invite you to visit us and to experience the hospitality and exceptional outdoor experiences that have built Tuckamore’s international reputation. We care about people, we take pride in our heritage and we do our best to ensure that you will have wonderful memories.

Barb Genge, Owner & Operator of Tuckamore Lodge

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