Tuckamore Lodge is recognized for exceptional outdoor experiences. It is a place inspired by the area’s unique geography, distinctive culture and rare natural wonders. This is a place to unwind, reconnect with nature or experience a way of life that is steeped in centuries of tradition.

At Tuckamore, we offer the highest quality outdoor experiences. Our cozy lodge is located on the northern tip of the island of Newfoundland. Because two of the world’s largest ocean currents converge off our coast (the cold Labrador current and the warm Gulf Stream), we are blessed with an extremely rich marine environment. The lodge itself, is nestled beside a pond in a forested wilderness area.

Our local staff take pride in introducing you to the area – historic fishing villages, world-famous cultural attractions and many natural wonders. Numerous species of whales feed in our coastal waters including thousands of Humpbacks. We are the first to view the annual parade of 10,000-year old icebergs that drift down from Greenland on the Labrador current and linger.

Millions of seabirds return annually to breed and raise their young, and sightings of rare and unusual species of birds are not uncommon. This area is also renowned for its abundant populations of moose, caribou, black bear, Atlantic salmon and brook trout.

Opportunities for canoeing are boundless and we are close to Gros Morne National Park, renowned for it's spectacular scenery, unique geology and exceptional hiking opportunities.

This is a special place.

Ours is a traditional culture where respecting nature and living directly off of the resources of the land and sea are a way of life. Maritime Archaic Indian and Dorset Eskimo peoples lived here thousands of years ago before the arrival of aboriginal groups and European settlers. Vikings landed here 1,000 years ago claiming it as Vinland, the land of plenty.

Nearby, L'Anse aux Meadows, a UNESCO world heritage site, is the only authentic Viking settlement in North America. Still, the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland is sparsely populated and local residents (now mostly of English and Irish decent) live in small isolated fishing villages.

We enjoy introducing our guests to the many cultural offerings in the area. These include excursions to the Grenfell Mission (world renowned), Red Bay, Labrador (the 16th century Basque whaling capital), Port au Choix (the most significant Maritime Archaic Indian site in North America).

We can customize adventures and activities to suit your interest. Some of our specialized packages include:

• Backcountry encounters with wildlife
• Vakkar-Viking Journey for guests interested in Viking culture
• Outdoor Woman - a learning vacation for women who want to learn essential outdoor skills
• Fishing Excursions

Tuckamore Lodge has recently expanded wilderness adventures into the winter season and are honoured that our Vakkar-Viking Journey Package received an Award of Excellence from the Canadian Tourism Commission.

Whatever your preference, we want to make sure that your stay with us will create wonderful memories that will last your lifetime.


At Tuckamore, we offer the highest quality outdoor experiences. This is a place to unwind and reconnect with nature.


We take pride in introducing you to historic fishing villages, world-famous cultural attractions and many natural wonders.

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