The cuisine of Newfoundland & Labrador is as diverse as the heritage of the province. From Jiggs Dinner to Toutons and molasses to the mug-up, Newfoundland dishes have been handed down for generations and are a hallmark of the province’s hospitality industry.

We look forward to hosting you and to making your stay on Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula like a taste of home!

Tuckamore Lodge offers the discerning traveler the ultimate in luxury Scandinavian style accommodations.

The cedar lodge features a spacious lounge with a cozy fire – a place to relax and listen to ‘fresh daily’ stories of adventure told by other guests, or legends told by local Newfoundlanders eager to share their intriguing culture and history, all while your dinner is being prepared. Our separate dining room is another gathering place, where delectable meals of traditional Newfoundland fare are served up along with views over Tuckamore Pond.

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