The Hare Bay Wildlife Conservation Program

Pictured left to right: Jackie Bauman, Min. Gerry Byrne, Justin Boyd, Min. Krista Lynn Howell, Barb Genge, Kat Blanchard.

The Hare Bay Wildlife conservation program has a new project aimed at teaching kids how to track and survey wildlife.

The Northern Peninsula is home to one of this province’s most beautiful ecosystems: the one at Hare Bay. Intervale Associates is an organization that provides programs to help conserve those areas. One of their newer projects is a wildlife monitoring program that will allow kids the chance to explore Hare Bay and learn wildlife surveying skills. Jackie Bauman is the project coordinator.

Jackie Bauman, member of Intervale Associate and QLF, was featured on CBC Newfoundland Morning with Bernice Hillier, Martin Jones. Where she discussed the new project introduced by the conservation program.

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